Google AdWords Tutorial 2018 – Step-By-Step Google AdWords

Video Transcript

all right what’s up everyone welcome to the Surfside PBC youtube channel today our tutorial is gonna be our from beginner to advanced google adword tutorial where we go through the new Google AdWords user interface and we’re gonna show you how to set up a campaign from start to finish and exactly how we would do it here at Surfside PPC we’re gonna reference some different videos and tutorials and things in this in this very tutorial so make sure you go to our video description to check out all of our different google adwords tutorials you could also find our google adwords playlist on youtube so make sure you reference all that because we’re gonna refer to certain things this campaign is really geared more towards search campaigns if you’re looking for display advertising tutorial or a video advertising tutorial we have those on our channel as well and they’re also linked in the description so to get started after you create your Google AdWords account we we set up a quick campaign so they’re gonna make you set up your first campaign so we just set up first campaign and we paused it so you could just do that so you get to this overview screen so once you’re in this overview screen the first thing you want to do is make sure you can measure everything you need to measure for your campaigns through Google Analytics and you want to make sure you set up conversion actions so the first thing you want to do is install Google Analytics on your website very simple we have it installed on our website here beachfront decor this is what we’re gonna be focusing on today so whether you have a wordpress website Shopify website anything like that you should be able to find a quick tutorial online or they should have some type of plug-in where you can add analytics to your website otherwise you can just add the code directly into your into your website code so we have it all set up here for beachfront decor and what I want to show you first is linking your accounts so if you come back to Google AdWords here and we click on the wrench icon what we’re gonna do is under setup is click on linked accounts so you want to click Google Analytics here and click details and you want to make sure your analytics property is connected to your Google AdWords property we have them set up through the same gmail account so it makes it a lot easier if you have them through the same Google account it’s easier but even if you don’t you can quickly link these things so you want to link your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts because it allows them to talk to each other allows them to to track everything that you do so come in to Google Analytics if you click on AdWords linking down here under product linking you can see here so we can figure AdWords link group so we have our linked AdWords accounts and we have all website data turned on and the main thing you want to do is enable auto tagging on your AdWords account so what this does it says it appends a unique ID to the end of the destination URL so the reason why you do this so we have a separate example here so this is our Surfside PPC account for Google Analytics if you go into your acquisition AdWords and campaign data you can actually see your actual everything you need to know about AdWords directly in Google Analytics so we’re in Google Analytics right now I can see in January I drove 9 clicks for this campaign at a cost of close to $10 my cost per click was $1 10 cents it’s your nine sessions pretty you know 11% bounce rate pages per session so you can kind of see these things and then here’s the other this was our main goal was contact form fills and also newsletter and giveaway forum fills as you can see we didn’t drive any conversions but this is why you want to track everything so you can see what you’re driving and if we click through I can click through my campaign ID I can actually see like the ad groups where things are coming from so promote your business business marketing ideas I can see what keywords I’m targeting she drove the clicks of business marketing idea how to market small business so you could see there’s some different things here where the reason why you want to track everything is so you can see everything in Google Analytics and you can continue to optimize your AdWords campaigns so that’s really important so come on back to AdWords here so we’re gonna do is come back now we’re in the main campaign screen so at this point you should have an AdWords account in analytics account you should have them linked any should have auto tagging setup just like we showed you in Google Analytics so the next thing we’re gonna do is we want to kind of import a goal into goo into Google Adwords that you can optimize for so again I’m gonna show you another example here if we come down to our Surfside PPC we have our conversions goals overview so if we’re just looking at January 2018 we’re measuring for contact form fills and our newsletter and giveaway so you can when people fill out our contact form they automatically get redirected to the Thank You page when people fill out our newsletter form they automatically get redirected to the confirmed page so setting up goals is pretty easy in Google Analytics you just come down to your main admin screen you go to goals it’s gonna show some of your goals here you’re gonna click new goals and you can either there’s different templates you have so reservations maybe have a hotel make a payment maybe someone you know paid whatever it was they need so you could do custom click continue so you know there’s different things here when someone reaches a certain page you could set that up as a goal when someone’s on your website for five minutes or two minutes or one minute when someone visits three four or five pages per session you can set that up as a goal you can do an event and you know someone plays a video or someone visits certain pages there’s different things you can set up for goals it just depends on what your business is if you have an e-commerce website through like Shopify you can easily import all the conversion and e-commerce data straight into analytics and import that into Adwords so that’s exactly what you want to do right now so we’re gonna come over to Google Adwords we’re gonna click again on this wrench icon up here and we’re gonna click on measurement conversions so we have no conversion action setup yet so what I want to do from beetron-2 core is click on the plus sign here and I want to go to import so this is select the kind of conversions you want to track we want to import conversions from Google Analytics click continue and what we want to import our two conversions so one is transactions and one is newsletter transactions measures every sale on our website so if we have a sale through Google Adwords it’ll actually show into analytics where that sale came from what keyword people typed in what they bought how many pages they visited beforehand so I could see every last piece of data that led up to that transaction and the same with newsletter every time someone signs up for our newsletter I can see ok this person came in on this keyword they click this ad and then they visited these 3 pages before they finally joined our newsletter so we’re gonna import both these goals here into Adwords so it says I’ve imported one goal and one transaction from Google Analytics so we’re gonna click done so we have two different goals here it’s gonna say no recent conversions because there’s been no conversions through the website of Adwords at all so it’s gonna say no recent conversions even though they’re happening on Google Analytics so we’re gonna come back out here and go to our overview screen and now we’re all ready to set up our campaign so the main thing that we want to take away from this is you want to be able to track your campaign so you want to have a key performance indicator which is set up as a goal through Google Analytics that you can import into app so it could be anything to be phone calls it could be sales it could be leads it could be certain pages that people visit there’s different so many different goals you just have to figure out what the most important goal for your business is so now we’re gonna do is we’re going to come into campaigns and we want to create a new campaign so we’re gonna click on this plus sign here like a new campaign so now we’re gonna select the campaign type so this tutorial is really going to be based around search campaigns which are the most popular in Google AdWords where they make their most money where people spend the most money we have tutorials on our page for display and video campaigns we’re working on an app tutorial and we do want to do a shopping tutorial but this is very intensive so we’re just going to search for right now so what we want to do is we want to drive sales so sales is gonna use for our transactions it’s gonna say select the ways you’d like to reach your goal so for us it’s gonna be get website visits so basically what we want to do is get website visits to our website you know beachfront decor calm and in turn when people visit our website our goal was to drive sales so that’s exactly how you want to think about this now you want to set it up if you’re just saying we want to drive website traffic to our website you know you’re not setting it up properly because you want to actually have a goal when you’re when you’re doing advertising because website traffic if you’re spending a hundred dollars website traffic is not really worth anything unless it’s returning you revenue so if I’m spending a hundred dollars and making two dollars it’s a waste of 98 dollars if I’m spending a hundred dollars and I’m driving two hundred dollars in sales well then it’s probably worth it for me to continue to advertise so that’s why we want to look at it so now we’re getting into our campaign so your campaign is who you’re targeting you know you want to drive traffic to your website that’s gonna convert so for us we have a ton of betting articles related to the beach on beachfront accord comm so we’re gonna take these four articles coastal betting and Beach betting sets anchor bedding and comforter sets palm tree bedding and comforter sets and starfish bedding and quilt sets so if we just look at these pages they’re all set up fairly similarly they have a bunch of products on them we want people to come into our website click through on the products and buy so what we’re gonna do is come back over to AdWords here and our campaign name is going to be called Beach bedding okay so what we’re gonna do if for the search Network is include Google search partners we do not want to add the display network make sure you select no here do not select yes the display network is completely separate from the search Network so all we want to target is the search Network and Google search partners Google search partners include websites like basically any website that returns Google ads there’s a ton of them a lot of small ones but ask calm is a big one so just some examples there just search partners where people are searching you always want to include Google search partners you could always exclude them later so select locations to target this just depends on what where you’re serving if I just said okay I just wanted to target Miami Florida you could type in Miami here and I could target the Nielsen DMA region which is gonna be a larger portion than Miami you want to use DMA regions because it covers for water Dale goes all the way down in Key West rather than just doing you know if I just target Miami the city it’s just gonna target the metro area okay so we’re gonna click cancel here we just want to target the United States we’re gonna remove both of these so we’re just gonna target the United States so the locations your target just depends on who you’re serving depends on where your customers are located languages so we’re just English so if you have other languages that you can just type them here so you know there’s a ton of options so bidding there’s a ton of bid strategies that you have there’s a lot of different ways to kind of go through how to do your bidding so what we’re gonna do is click maximize conversions and I would recommend if you’re a new advertiser to do maximize conversions to get started otherwise you you could do manual CPC and increase conversions with enhance EBC this is probably more for intermediate this is how I would set up is with manual CPC and what you would do is use the Google Keyword planner to find a suggested bid and set your bids and just kind of optimize your bids as you go so if I did manual CPC I might set up all these different ad groups here so coastal betting anchor betting I might bid something like 75 cents and then you just increase your bid as you go or decrease your but as you know depending on the results you’re getting what we’re gonna do for bid strategy is maximize conversions so what this is gonna do is add words is automatically gonna set our bids to drive sales so your first few days you might not get a ton of traffic you might not get a ton of sales it might take them a while to find the the perfect spot ultimately when it comes to bidding strategies where we want to get to and this is the ultimate goal for Google AdWords this is like the most important part of the video we want to get to the point where we’re driving over fifteen conversions in a 30-day period so on I said it again over 15 conversions in a 30-day period from there you can get to the target CPA bid strategy so target CPA is where you can automatically set your bid for how much you’re willing to spend for a conversion for example let’s say I have bedding here and I’m able to drive conversions at about twenty dollars and my average bedding sale gives me fifty dollars in profit what I would want to do is set my target CPA at twenty twenty-five dollars and what Google AdWords is automatically gonna do based on the data that we’ve already given them so again this only works if you’ve driven 15 sales 15 conversions in a thirty day period based on that day that Google AdWords is automatically going to take our target CPA and try to drive more conversions at this target CPA so to give you a quick example here I worked with a client once they had a target CPA of five dollars so we started their campaign and we were driving conversions at ten dollars a piece so what I did was I set the target CPA to ten dollars and I was able to lower bids and basically every week I would set the target CPA lower and lower so I went from ten dollars a week later I’d go down to eight dollars a week later I’d go down to seven dollars a week later be six-fifty until we got to the point where we’re down to five dollars for the target CPA and you’re able to find the perfect budget to where you’re driving conversions that are optimal for for you that so your driving revenue to you so bid strategies are so important here I know I spent a lot of time on it but so important so we’re gonna start with maximize conversions and ultimately you want to get to that target CPA so you want to get to maximize conversions so you can drive 15 conversions in a third day period so that’s ultimately the goal you’re trying to get to budget it really just depends on what you’re willing to spend the way you want to look at budget is take your monthly budget and just divide it by 30 or the amount of days in the month so if my monthly budget let’s say is 600 what I would do is divide and let’s just say I’m in a month with 30 days so what I would do is divide 600 by 30 I would get 20 so I would spend keep my daily budget at $20 and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna have one day where you spend 18 you’re gonna have the next day where you spend 22 you’re gonna have next day where you spend 21 the next day you spend 19 and the way Google AdWords does is they optimized for your monthly budget but they do it I’m you know they have to spend your daily budget but they’re not gonna spend it each day so if there’s a day like Sunday that’s more popular then they’re gonna spend more of your budget on Sunday because there’s more potential customers so that’s how you optimize your budget use it for the month and don’t just use like a daily budget don’t say like oh I want to spend 10 dollars per day say I want to spend this much per month and that will help you find the proper budget delivery method I usually just do standard you could do accelerated if you’re having trouble spending your budget but just go with standard start and end dates so pretty self-explanatory if you want to end your you know campaign at a certain date you can set that up so maybe I want to end it at the end of March you know pretty simple so extensions are something I’m gonna go through afterwards there’s tons of different extensions that you can add to your advertisement but I want to go through those afterwards because it doesn’t really make as much sense right now okay so for ad rotation we’re just gonna keep this prefer the best performing ads that works perfectly for me ad schedule you can set ad schedule so let’s just say for example you have like a local business you just want to run Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 you can set that up like that we’re gonna run all day because people are looking for bedding you know all the time at all hours of every day so we’re not gonna set an ad schedule location option so this is important I always do people in my targeted location and I always exclude people in my targeted location the way they have it set up is they’ll have people let’s say if someone’s in France and they’re looking up pages about the United States then I might target someone in France with my ads because they’re looking at the United States because they’ve shown interest in United States so I just want people who are in the United States to find my ads campaign URL option so this is more of an advanced if you want to do custom tracking templates custom parameters definitely more of an advanced feature and same with dynamic search ads so I would create a separate I want to create a whole separate tutorial about dynamic search ads we’re not going to enable them for this campaign all right and we’re gonna click Save and continue so now this is just our campaign settings we set up so now we’re gonna set up ad groups so ad groups are the way you kind of organize your campaign or the way you’re gonna drive traffic to specific landing pages the best way to think of an ad group is to look at that landing page so what we’re going to do is we of our four landing pages here coastal bedding anchor bedding palm tree bedding and starfish bedding okay so I’m actually gonna set up five different ad groups here so we’re gonna separate beach bedding and coastal bedding so we’re gonna do is start with our ad group named Beach bedding it’s come down ad group to is gonna be coastal bedding ad group three is gonna be anchor bedding ad group 4 will be palm tree bedding and then the last one will be starfish bedding so so now how we how do we create keywords so you’re gonna see down here matched keyword match types we have a separate keyword match type tutorial I recommend you watch it but the way I like to target keywords is a mix of modified broad match keywords which is would look like this beach bedding beach themed bedding sets okay so modified broad match keywords include keywords that must be in the search query so what that means is if someone types in something like beach theme that in comforter it would match this keyword right here because beach theme in bedding are all in that keyword and all in that search term if someone were to type you know best beautiful Beach starfish bedding sets this would actually match this keyword here Beach bedding sets and also Beach bedding so any cue any like search query that includes these words will target so that’s kind of how modified broad match works you know it’s it’s really just every cue every word with a plus sign in front of it needs to be in the search query so if it was something like coastal bedding it wouldn’t match if it was something like beach themed comforters it wouldn’t match because beef themed comforters doesn’t include beach and bedding it doesn’t include beach and themed and bedding but if I were to do you know best beach themed comforters and bedding this would match because it has beach bedding and themed so just kind of the way to look at modified broad match keywords it’s a great way to expand the amount of keywords you’re targeting because people type in all sorts of different orders you might find things like betting beach-themed sets for bedroom and this is gonna match be even though it’s all out of order and look kind of weird it’s just because it includes these words in the search query so that’s how I modified broad match works the way I also set up keywords is I do an exact match keyword for basically every modified broad match I’m targeting so what we’re gonna do is put that in brackets so you can see that down here you put your keyword in brackets for exact match and what we’re gonna do is beach betting beach themed betting beach betting sets make sure your brackets are all going this is right direction the way you find keywords here is you could either get keyword ideas over here what we do is we use the Google Keyword planner we have again a separate tutorial on our page for that so just go check out our youtube channel you’ll find our keyword planner tutorial we’ll also add it linked in the description of the video so this is good for now beach bedding beach themed abetting beach betting sets maybe I just want to do one more beach themed bedding make sure you have a plus sign in front of every keyword you want to include in the search query so beach themed bedding and beach themed bedding okay so these are all pretty popular keywords and when people search these they should find one of our ads and they’ll gunner they’re gonna click through this page here so coastal bedding and Beach bedding set so it’s gonna be highly targeted towards them so now we’re to come down to the next one with coastal bedding what I’m gonna do is target the exact same keywords but I’m gonna do coastal this time so now instead of beach it’s gonna be coastal bedding and we’re just gonna quickly change all of these here so do coastal all right so now this coastal bedding is just gonna be targeting coastal themed bedding so now we’re gonna do the same thing for anchor bedding you could actually do this pretty quickly in Excel and just use like Find and Replace so you just find you know every instance of coastal and exper place with anchor and we could do it for palm tree and starfish this is kind of longer method so if you want to fast forward a little bit to the you know about a minute or two you’ll probably get to our next step but just want to keep entering the keywords here so now we have anchor theme bedding the reason you want to organize everything in ad groups is because you’re gonna create separate ads for these pages and then you want you’re these keywords to go to the right landing page you want anchor to go to anchor because you don’t want to send people to pages where you know it’s not relevant it’s not targeted if I’m if someone’s typing in palm-tree betting and they’re going to my anchor page they’re going to be pretty confused and you just want to you also want to narrow everything down so that I’m not targeting you know beach team betting and sending someone who’s searching anchor betting to my Beach team betting set because you know there’s so many different types of bedding sets there that includes seashells different color stripes so that’s kind of what you want to focus on make sure you don’t put plus signs in your exact match keywords it’s gonna be very uh it’s not really gonna work well so here we go palm tree bedding sets and now one more for starfish bedding sets so you could see how important organization is so we’re trying to do is return the best possible ad and landing page to whoever searching you want to give them the best user experience they can possibly get that’s the whole goal with AdWords is to give people a great user experience if you’re if you’re not able to do that you’re not gonna drive many sales so you want people to come onto your website you want to be mobile optimized you want great content if you’re not driving sales the first thing to look at usually beyond your campaign organization which is what we’re doing right now these are actual landing pages because so many landing pages are just not able to drive conversions they just you know they’re low quality they’re not mobile optimized so we have our five ad groups here so starfish bedding palm tree bedding anchor bedding coastal bedding and Beach bedding so now we’re gonna come down and click Save and continue okay so now we’re going to create ads your best practice here is to create three ads for each ad group that’s three ads for each ad group they’re setting it right here for each ad group we recommend you create at least three ads that closely relate to the theme of your keywords so let me first start with Beach bedding I’m just gonna do two ad groups here I’m gonna go back and create all them but I don’t want to sit here and bore you and create you know fifty ads right now so we’re gonna come into beach bedding here and here’s what your ad is gonna look like so your final URL since we enabled auto tagging our campaigns are automatically gonna track into Google Analytics so I don’t even have to add any tracking at the end I can just send you know the final URL where we’re sending traffic to is the final URL so we’re sending traffic for a beach betting ad group directly to this ultimate guide to beach team betting sets so we’re gonna do four headline one is do beach betting sets and then headline – I like for headline one to try to match my keyword somewhat because when people search they’re trying to find a keyword that you know they’re trying to find the most relevant add to what they typed in so if someone’s typing in beach betting beach theme betting I like to use Beach bedding sets as my first headline and headline – I like to use a call to action so maybe we have a discount let’s just pretend we have a 10% discount so I could do save 10 or let’s say we have free shipping so free shipping on bedding sets okay so now it’s showing beach bedding sets and people can also get free shipping on their bedding sets so now we go to the description the description gives you 80 characters to kind of describe what you want – you know what you want to describe so you could do something like discover the most beautiful and I like to capitalize this is just from experience I like to capitalize the first letter of each word it actually helps with your click-through rate more people click on your ads for some reason I’m not sure why but it’s just just for my experience that’s what I recommend so discover the most beautiful beach themed bedding sets for your beach home exclamation point I always like an exclamation point – you could also do something like free shipping on bedding sets whatever something like that so now we’re all good we’re just an click done so we have our first ad created what you can do to quickly create new ads just click right here so this is automatically gonna create a copy so maybe I do headline one beach themed bedding sets and I have free shipping on bedding sets maybe I do free shipping on all beach themed bedding sets this month only okay so now it’s kind of creating a little bit of urgency I’ve beach themed bedding sets free shipping this month only same thing we’re gonna click done so now we have two separate ads here for Beach bedding so we have Beach bedding sets beeps teen bedding so let’s create one more again we’re gonna duplicate this one we’re gonna click duplicate here and what we’re gonna do is kind of switch it up a little bit so we’ll do a beautiful beach bedding sets and then headline two we’re gonna do instead of a call to action or free shipping we’re gonna do up courage your Beach hmm that would sue upgrade your beach bedroom and then we’re gonna put our free shipping offer down in the bottom of the description so we’re gonna do free shipping on the most beautiful beach themed bedding sets you can find okay so this ad is a little bit more towards check out all how incredible our Beach bedding sets are rather than being deal focus it’s gonna be more about you know the beauty of the bedding so now you can see these keywords Beach bedding are all gonna go to these ads which are highly related when someone clicks on this ad they’re gonna come to this page that says beach bedding right here so it’s a very good process it’s very good experience for whoever is typing in whoever searching I mean that’s what you want to keep in mind no matter what you’re targeting so now to show a different example let’s come to anchor bedding here and we’re gonna click on new ad final URL make sure you’re sending people to the right URL so we have anchor bedding comforter sets here we’re gonna come down to headline one and let’s do anchor bedding sets come to headline two free shipping on anchor bedding so now we’re gonna click done and create two more real quick the best thing to do is kind of look at your other ones you created so you could do anchor themed bedding set beautiful anchor bedding sets and just kind of go from there so we’ll just do beautiful won’t even change anything else and we’ll do one more and just do anchor themed bedding sets okay so now we have three ads for anchor three ads for Beach what you would want to do next is create three ads for your other ad groups here but we’re just gonna click Save and continue for now because I just want to get to the next part so now everything’s all done so we have our twenty dollar per day budget which works out to about six hundred dollars per month in a thirty day a month we’re gonna run it from February to the end of March United States we’re targeting English only our campaign goal of sales this is why it’s so important to import your conversions so that Google can actually optimize for your goal and our bid strategy is going to be maximize conversions we’re gonna click continue to campaign it’s gonna say congratulations it’s gonna bring you to the add group screen so you can see our different ad groups that we’ve up here obviously some of them we still need to set up ads in but we’re gonna do that so we’re gonna do is come to the overview screen here so you kind of understand how you know AdWords looks when you sign into your account it’s gonna show kind of the overview of this campaign so here’s the different ad groups in here the different keywords that we’re targeting as you start getting data will show that we’re targeting United States you can adjust that if you want to here’s a couple ads so what we’re gonna do is come into ad groups here and what I want to show you is ad extensions so we have our different ads here that it’s gonna show for the entire campaign it’s gonna show under review we’re gonna do is come to extensions okay so now I want to go through ad extensions with you here so we come into ads and extensions you come to extensions you click on create ad extensions so here’s all the different options you have here so sitelink extensions call-out structured snippet call extension message extension location affiliate location price app and promotion so I’m not going to go through every single one of these but promotion allows you to do a quick promotion that you currently have so for us we could do free shipping on all beach bedding app extension works on mobile if we had a beachfront decor app we could actually have an extension that shows the beachfront core app people can download our app directly from you know the Google search results price extensions so let’s just say I’m you know putting out a specific anchor bedding set I can show that anchor bedding set and show that you know this bedding set is a certain price it works more for you know if you’re a plumber for example and you do you know how much it costs for your services so affiliate location extension this would work something like you know if your state farm and you have affiliate offices you can show an affiliate location extension so really just like kind of a location that’s smaller than your actual you know headquartered lawyers location something like that location extension so if you have a local store or local business you can show your address your store hours things like that mesh is it extension so let’s just say I’m on Google I type in you know I need storage space you can actually do a message extension where I can text a storage space company directly and say hey I need you know this much storage space how much does it cost and they’ll text message me back or call me back or reply on email so you can actually text message directly this is a mobile on the extension call extension pretty self-explanatory it either shows your phone number on desktop or on mobile it creates a clickable call button where people can click and directly call your business structured snippet extensions so you can show specific brands you carry specific types of products you have specific amenities that your hotel has neighborhoods that you cover for real estate so there’s all different sorts sorts of structured snippets just a basic way to expand what you’re kind of offering call-out extensions so you can actually show you know like our free shipping offer you can show certain offers that you have you can show you know 24/7 service you can show awards you won different things like that sitelink extensions these actually create extensions that will send you can send traffic to different parts your website so maybe if I’m you know I have a specific landing page for anchor bedding I could also link to beach bedding I could link to you know nautical bedding I could link to other related pages where people might be interested in so just to show some examples if I do type in Beach bedding here I’m on here’s a wayfarer coastal bedding ad so right here the rating for Wayfarer that pulls in automatically with reviews on-time delivery these are all through Google Shopping so these Pollin automatically these down here sales and clearance baby and kids furniture twin XL bedding sets at the gift shop and daily sales these are all sitelink extensions so that’s exactly what a site like extension looks like so if we look at Paul’s home fashions here this ad has zero site zero extensions at all so you could see how small it is and how big ads are with extensions if we come over here so I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods near me so I search Dick’s Sporting Goods here’s an ad they actually have their location extension here so 600 coastal grand circle myrtle beach SC it’s actually spelled wrong here’s call-out extensions so shop gift cards online you can see the dot hi customer ratings top products and brands shop our official site these are slightly extensions down here with descriptions so you usually get descriptions if someone searches your brand directly so this is pretty cool because they can you know they already have Congrats Philadelphia setup so phenomena Eagles fan I can go in and click buy my Superbowl gear so pretty cool one more example we have accounting software here so financial software this is their description these are structured snippets so it’s showing types accounting software cloud financials cloud ERP software financial management and these are all sitelink extensions again so some different examples if we go on mobile and we were search you could find some different examples of the other extensions if you want to set these up so let’s say I go into sitelink extensions all you do is you can create campaign ad group or account level sitelink extensions campaign will be extensions across your entire campaign ad group would only apply to that specific ad group account would be you know if you had two really important pages on your website that you want to show across your entire account maybe it’s like your Contact Us page or your you know sign up now page or something like that you can do account level extensions I usually limit it to the campaign and AD group so we’ll just do campaign I’ll just create one real quick here it’s a best practice to create like four more for each campaign for each ad group then better you can create them the better you can kind of target the better it works so if we just come back to beach bedding here you can see wayfarer has five sales and clearance baby and kids furniture twin XL bedding sets the gift shop and daily sales not the greatest sitelink extensions for this specific search but you could see like if I’m looking for you know rather than click on this link maybe I just want to find you know sales and clearance today you just click right there it’s it’s a simple way to find what you’re looking for so we come in years so let’s say I’m under beach bedding and I want to link to my palm tree bedding so what I’m going to do is do palm tree bedding discover the most beautiful palm tree bedding sets so again these are the descriptions that show like here so you know these are the descriptions here this is a site link final URL so this is where it’s important you can send people to the other page so you want to make sure you set up you know find the palm tree page click final URL and we’re gonna click Save so now this is a campaign level ad extension so it’s gonna show across the entire campaign when people are searching so pretty self-explanatory what you would do is keep setting up sitelink extensions maybe you come in here and set up a cot extension all you’re doing this putting call out text so I could do free shipping this month you get 25 characters and that’s it so it’s gonna be campaign level again they have a count campaign and AD group level call-out extensions so we’re gonna click Save so there’s another extension for call-outs so you click plus you can add you know more extensions here maybe you have a location maybe you want to do a text message maybe have a phone number where you can receive calls you just want to add the most extensions that make sense for your business and again a best practice is to add as many as possible so site links I would add at least four call-outs I would probably add at least three just make sure they’re like important things don’t just add text just to add text you want things that actually you know will encourage people to buy and things like that so coming back into all campaign screen here so now you’re kind of probably you know after you put your campaign live you’re gonna be sitting there like so now what your best bet is to wait so it’s difficult because it’s hard to have patience but your best bet is just you know kind of forget about your campaign for a couple days and come back to it so for us we come in here what I would want to do is make sure I have ads and all of my ad groups here so anchor betting Beach betting coastal betting I want to make sure I have ad groups in all of them you also want to make sure you have ad extensions set up for all of them and then from there you’re basically waiting you can keep building out your campaign you can go back you know into the Google Keyword planner here and find more keywords you can create more landing pages so maybe I want to create a landing page for you know seashell bedding maybe I want to create a landing page for beach quilts so all those different things you want landing pages that are gonna match the keywords the best as possible and now I just wait for you know some some clicks to come in some impressions to come in see how much I’m spending and you can come here click modify columns go to the conversions column add conversions cost per conversion conversion rate you could also have value for conversion so it’ll actually show you know how much you’re driving in sales so when you scroll over as we start to get data I can see if these are actually driving conversions to my website and again you come into Google Analytics you could see this is our surf side PPC campaign you go to acquisition AdWords campaigns you can see all your data down here what keywords are driving sales so that’s pretty much it when you’re setting up a search campaign the ultimate goal is to have organization so you can see we you know we organize our ad groups well you don’t want to have a million keywords in each ad group we kind of limit it to under ten that’s a best practice really is to keep it 10 or under we like a mix of modified broad match keywords along with exact match keywords and our bids are gonna be set automatically by Adwords under them maximize conversion bidding if you were to kind of go with a manual CPC bidding let’s just say for example what you would do is come back out here we’ll go to settings so let’s go to you know bidding and let’s change it to manual CPC increase conversions within hand CPC and click Save what I would do probably is come over to ad groups we’ll see what we have it set at so it’s set default a dollar 95 I would come to each ad group I would probably change my default bids to $1.00 actually we’ll go a little bit lower we’ll change it to 80 cents if you’re looking for suggested bids they have them in the keyword planner when you’re searching so just search that so 80 this will make every bid across our entire campaign 80 cents what you want to do is bid slightly lower on your modified broad match keywords and slightly higher on your exact match keywords it’s considered a cascading bid strategy because your exact match keywords are gonna be more valuable usually then your modified broad match keywords so you have to bid a little bit higher on anchor betting than you would for you know if someone’s typing in beautiful nautical anchor betting you can bid a little bit lower so we’re gonna do is just change max CPC bids for the modified broad match keywords set new bids we’ll just do our 5 cents lower apply so we’re just gonna do 75 cents and that’s we’re gonna do across the campaign so we’ll just do that for all the ad groups but you know kind of how how we go about setting up our campaigns this is kind of an inside look from start to finish now the difficult part is optimizing but we gave you all the tools for setting up your campaign setting up conversion tracking importing conversions into Google Adwords and all you need to do now is monitor your results and then continue to optimize you want to add negative keywords you want to create new ads you want to upgrade your landing pages a little bit maybe I you know make this landing page a little bit more user friendly maybe I start products up earlier maybe I just send them to a different landing Paige and try that so that’s kind of where you go with AdWords it’s a lot of testing it’s a lot of you know it’s a lot of work to really derive a positive return and I don’t think people understand that a lot but it is a lot of work to drive a positive return is something you have to work at something else uh be patient with don’t give it two days and say well I’m not driving a positive return I’m done because your campaigns can continuously improve over time like I said before you know we had a client I worked with where we started with a target CPA of about $10 and we got all the way down to about five which was incredible for them because they’re driving really optimal conversions for their business driving revenue so if you have any questions leave them in the comments I know this video is it’s hard to cover every last detail in Google AdWords there’s probably a lot that we might have missed there’s probably some things where you know you can keep you know keep optimizing your campaign if you have questions leave them in the comments we do our best to answer everybody make sure you subscribe to our Channel and the best way to support us just to share our videos if you want to share this video on social media if you want to share with a friend who does AdWords anything you want to do that’s the best way to support us we really appreciate it and thanks for joining us today

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