How I make custom graphics with LWG Editor!

Video Transcript

so last time I posted video you guys are asking how do I make these buildings that I’m actually putting into the mods and uploading into the graphics so what I use is a tool called to do Photoshop don’t fireworks even cs4 you can use Photoshop you can also use things at paint tool Sai or in I like fireworks it’s got a couple of nifty little tools that make doing this sort of thing a little bit easier for me so what we have here is I’ve actually downloaded the building sheet so this is building shoot one which if I show you so this has got all the buildings in the neutral colors here from the all game you just download this up the website or I’ll post a link in the description so what I do is I take these and I’ve actually just taking them over into another sort of file major site transparent so it’s easier to work on top of and then knit you just drawn on top the new style sheet with all these new sprites on the east or in the previous video and you do this and save it as just dot PNG and then all you have to do is to screw it to your little ball game go to the editor and you can just upload them same way I showed you last video alternatively you can just draw each of the individual buildings like I’ve done here which makes it slightly easier to sort of accurately get each image but it’s up to you how you choose to do it

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