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all right what’s up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel today we’re gonna be going over our YouTube advertising tutorial updated for 2018 so we have a new interface here with Google Adwords all we’ve done here is sign in to our google adwords account we’re at the main overview page you should have everything down in the left corner here you should just have a big overview screen of everything you’ve done over the past week what we want to do first is come in here come up to this they change the three dots icon out to a wrench icon which of course I create other tutorials but so everything for planning measurement shared library all these things are in here your linked account so we want to do is you want to click on this wrench up in the top right corner and we want to go to linked accounts first to make sure that our accounts are linked for YouTube and AdWords because then you can get more data you can create your marketing audiences things like that so we’re gonna click linked accounts here okay so you come in here you have Google Analytics firebase different things here that you can link for your account but what you want to do is come down to the bottom and the bottom left you’ll see YouTube and we want to do is click details so as you can see we’re already linked here so I have my channel surf side PPC linked permissions it’s gonna save you counts and call to action remarketing engagement so you’re able to create remarketing audiences you can see more of what people are doing after they click on your channel you know maybe someone goes through your YouTube ad and then goes to your channel and subscribes that can actually be tracked back to your AdWords account so that’s what you want to do first to get started is to make sure you have your channel links here all you have to do is press Plus channel here and sign in to your Google account and just link the channel here it’s pretty simple so that’s the first step and then after that we’re gonna come back to AdWords here and we’re gonna go back to our main overview screen and we want to come down here to campaign so we’re just gonna click on campaigns in the left corner it’s gonna show any campaigns that we’ve created anything we have live and we wanna do is click the plus button right here for new campaign and it’s going to give us different campaign types search display shopping and of course we want to come up here to the video so there’s different goals here so product and brand consideration and brand awareness and reach so product and brand consideration if you’re trying to get people to buy something off your website fill out a form on your website actually take action on your website you want to click on this one if you’re looking for just brand awareness and reach to something where you’re saying okay I want to reach a lot of people maybe for a small amount of money you want to go brand awareness and reach I’m gonna show you where both would make sense so I’m gonna do product and brand consideration first we’re gonna do standard consideration drive use engagements and consideration so you could do shopping if you have products on your online store and you want to set up your Google Merchant Center account we’re not gonna go over that right now that might be something we do to later down the line but for standard consideration we’re just gonna click continue okay so let me explain my campaign to you first before we get started so that you know kind of what my goals are so what I want to do is I have this video here how does PPC management work with surf side PPC and basically when someone comes in here there’s the contact page and I also have an article on my website that leads to the contact page eventually people click through and what I have is how our process of PPC management works and ultimately what our agency does is we want clients for PPC advertising so when someone comes in here maybe they go to my contact page my ultimate goal is for them to see my video come to my contact page and fill this out and then it’ll count as a conversion into Google Analytics so basically when we go back to AdWords that’s what our product and brand consideration is is we want people to fill out our form on Google and so it tracks back into Google Analytics and AdWords so we can keep optimizing for that conversion so my campaign name is gonna be how does PPC management work so budget you can set your budget daily or campaign total what I like to do is a daily budget and you just set it whatever your daily budget really is so maybe our total monthly budget is $600 or something like that I would just set a daily budget of $20 a day so you just want to basically pace out whatever your monthly budget is in a daily form here delivery method you could do standard or accelerated I like to use standard because then you don’t rush your ads throughout the day it’ll actually go all day start and end dates so let’s just set an end date of a month from now so we start on November 14th let’s go to December 14th okay now networks this is important so you’re gonna see networks here it’s going to say YouTube search results YouTube videos and video partners on the Display Network so YouTube search results your ad is gonna appear when people search into YouTube it’s gonna be one of the top videos up here as an advertisement and then for YouTube videos it’s gonna be as a TrueView ad before videos so and then on the Display Network it’s gonna be the same thing basically on YouTube but if someone’s on the for example and there’s video content they might play a 30-second video beforehand or your video whatever it is so we’re gonna do is keep these all active right now because of the way we’re targeting we want to target all of these different ad placements and networks here so we can explain to as many people as possible so language is I like to just do English because you don’t really want to reach people who aren’t understanding your video perfectly so just do English locations I’m gonna keep it wide open the United States you can lower this or expand it if you want to however you want to do it our bidding strategy is gonna be a maximum cost per view this what I highly recommend for everyone I don’t even think to have a CPM here because of the goal so if you’re doing branding and awareness CPM works more we’re going to a maximum cost per view okay so there’s some additional settings down here if you want you can do different devices you can do frequency capping so this is something I like to do so what I like to do is number of impressions do five total per day for the campaign and so that’s means that people aren’t gonna see your video over and over all day but they might see it a few times but it’s gonna keep the frequency down a little bit you can keep this number between three and five if you want you could do this one if you only want to reach them once per day we’re just gonna do five impressions so hopefully it doesn’t keep showing to the same user over and over you could do content exclusions so what I like to do is get rid of some of these sensitive contact content and there fortunately a lot of people uh a lot of people watch a lot of these videos so you’re it’s gonna show on different things here so what we’re gonna do is get rid of all these sensitive content and then go to DL ma mature audiences and then also I like to opt out of certain content types so not embedded to YouTube videos that one doesn’t bother me but live streaming videos and games people usually aren’t just as engaged when they’re watching live-streaming their games they just want to get to their video or their game whatever it is so ad schedule I could do an ad schedule and just do Monday through Friday different times of the day things like that so however you want to set up your ad schedule is up to you for ad group now we want to do is first target our marketing audience so we’re gonna target our remarketing youtube visitors and then we want to set a maximum cost per view bid so this is the highest amount to pay for someone willing to view your video ad ultimately you want this to be as low as possible while still spending your budget so usually what I’ll do is I’ll start at around ten cents pretty low bid here but you can keep it going down a little bit more if there’s a popular video you can increase or decrease your bid adjustment but we’ll just keep it at ten cents for now that’s something you want to monitor and keep lowering and lowering a lot of times I’ll get all the way down to five cents and then you’re getting views for about two to three cents a day so that’s really what you’re kind of looking for so demographics let’s just say for example I only want to reach people let’s get rid of unknown so I want people who have businesses who need PPC management so let me take out the 18 to 24 age it’s not that people don’t have those ages but let’s just assume that people are between 25 to 65 plus who have a business who are looking for PPC management services gender leave wide open parental status leave wide open household income so this is something where maybe you want to get rid of the lower 50% something like that if you’re looking for higher budget clients because it depends on depends on really what account they’re signed into if they’re signed into a business account it’s not going to matter anyway if their son into a household account maybe you can find people who are more in the top 10% who might have a larger budgets so household income something you play around with I’ll just leave it wide open for right now so for interest this is really important here so this is where we’re gonna start I’m gonna go through all the targeting things here so you kind of understand each of them for interest you can target affinity groups intent and life events and remarketing so if you go to intent and life events you can see maybe you want to target people with some big life events here in market audiences or people who are actively looking for certain services so if I go up here and go marketing you search you can see there’s people actively looking for SEO and SEM services this would be a great targeting option for me so I would add that here right now is SEO and SEM services just to show some of the different things you can do maybe you have CRM solution maybe you have an enterprise software you’re trying to advertise I can just come down to Web Services and ask add that to so this would leave it pretty wide open to people who are in businesses looking for different services related to what I offer for right now I’m gonna get rid of these because I just want to show you some of the different options you have I love in-market audiences I see a lot of success from them so that’s something you kind of want to use affinity audiences this is definitely more of a branding play so affinity think of people with that interest who aren’t actively looking for anything so if I come in here there’s really not much related to marketing anything like that so what I would probably do if it was for mine is maybe banking and finance there’s just not a lot that really works here media and entertainment I can maybe try but there’s really not much that works well so affinity audience is something you kind of want to play around with you can create customer fitting affinity audiences so you can create it I can just add different URLs here so maybe I do you know marketing interests and then I add URLs like PPC hero comm which is a big pay-per-click advertising website and you can keep adding these things here so maybe I do search engine land comm search engine so these are different things you can do and you just create you know interests and you can keep adding these URLs here and just click create and it’ll automatically target people who they think are interested in these types of URLs and people who fall into those categories I’m not gonna do custom affinity audiences right now but it’s something good to know it’s definitely good for branding videos so Stephanie knot is it’s not as good for conversions and trying to drive brand awareness now remarketing is gonna be your best so I think of this as if you’re thinking of it as you know maybe a funnel someone would maybe come in from your affinity audience you might get them down to an end market audience and remarketing is gonna be your most targeted customers or people who have already watched your videos visit to your website shown some level of interest whereas these other people are just Google audiences that have shown interest in general so if we come to remarketing you can see you can do similar audiences which you can create yourself based on your email as things like that you can do combined audiences so you can combine all of your website visitors into one combine your YouTube and website visitors you can do website visitor audiences we actually have a remarketing tutorial on our YouTube channel right now if you want to look that up but what right now when a target YouTube users so anyone who’s watched any of my youtube videos because they’re all basically based around PPC advertising I want to target them right now so now I’m targeting 2.8 thousand people I think it’s the last 30 days maybe it’s set up I’m not sure if I did it for 30 days or 15 days but this is all YouTube views and the size of the audience is about 3,000 people who have viewed videos on my channel so now we have remarketing audience alt YouTube views set up and that’s gonna be our audience targeting right now so you could see all YouTube views here we did 25 and up and then we left everything else wide open now I want to show you some different targeting types so my personal recommendation for you is just target one type of you know targeting option here you might want to layer in demographics you might want to layer in audiences but you don’t want to do keywords topics and placements because you’re gonna start narrowing things down a little bit too much and it’s gonna be a little bit it just might not be as targeted as you think you might end up starting to target people who aren’t as relevant as you want so for keyword what you want to do is you can enter keywords here that you think would be related to your video so let’s just say I did PPC advertising services PPC management Google AdWords management Bing ads management so these are the type of keywords you want to enter you don’t want to add things like pay-per-click because it’s just gonna be wide open you want to add keywords that are going to be really really related to what your company is and what you’re offering so I decided pay-per-click company pay-per-click agency advert so these would be the type of keywords you want to add so the types of keywords that you would bid on basically in search engines and the more targeted you could get the better so I’m not going to target keywords right now but this is how you would do it and then you would just you know put up here and now we’re targeting all these different key words here keywords on the display network on the video network are all contextual based so it’s gonna say we show keyword ideas that are relevant to your business to get ideas you as a landing page it’s not people actually typing these things in it’s really more based around people who have these types of interests people who have been searching for these types of things it’s not gonna be you know someone actually typing this into the youtube search engine it’s really more contextual II based so based on the video they’re watchin based on the websites they visit topics I never use topic targeting so that’s basically my my recommendation to you is not really use it I think it’s too wide open so if I come into business industrial advertising marketing even if I find you know marketing here it’s just wide open it’s a huge topic I mean someone who does email marketing which I do nothing with email marketing might fall in well will definitely fall in this category someone who does website development or web design but also has some marketing background might fall into this so it keeps it a little bit too wide open for me it might work if you’re doing a branding play but personally I’d rather just use the affinity audiences you have here and under audiences rather than topics so placement so this is pretty cool you can target YouTube channels YouTube videos websites apps and app categories so what this means is you can say I want my videos to only appear on YouTube channels okay so let’s say I want to target people who are watching Gary Vaynerchuk videos I just want to target his entire channel with PPC management ads so we want to come back here so we just take the URL copy it right into your search okay so as you can see here it’s Gary Vee he’s got 1.6 1000 videos almost a million subscribers you just click that and now we’re targeting our videos – Gary Vee Channel so all of his videos here that he has monetized we can have our ad here so it’s probably pretty much every one of his videos are monetized we can’t tell which one he has monetized but you can see you get 27 thousand views 60,000 views 53 thousand views all these different things here and we’re gonna target all of these different videos and we’re definitely reaching people who have interests and entrepreneur ism intereste interest in business creating businesses things like that because that’s what his audience is all about so that’s how you can target a entire YouTube channel you could just take the URL of the main channel page here so it’s just user slide Gary Vaynerchuk you don’t have to have videos there and that’s how you would target that now let’s just say I want to target a let’s get rid of that let’s say I want to target an individual video so get rid of that maybe I’ll look through okay so now we take this looks like he’s advertising on his own YouTube channel for his new shoe which is why gary vaynerchuk’s a little ahead of the game with everybody so now I just want to target this one video so now I can click on it so now I’m targeting my entire focus when people say behind my back so now that’s all I’m targeting with my placement which is a very small inventory so you really want to add a bunch of YouTube videos here you can keep adding them you just keep entering them into the URL here or you could just search marketing different things like that to try to find videos so let’s get rid of that let’s go back it’s clear so now you can target websites so let’s just say a target search engine watch com pretty big website so you can see here website search engine watch com impressions per week so this is video impressions so now we have websites and apps search engine watch comm and we would target their entire website across the Google Display Network so if someone’s on their website watching a video watching some type of tutorial are people talking something like that our ad will play beforehand or maybe in the middle of the video as a mid-roll ad so you can target websites that way let’s clear this and let’s go back now apps so you could target specific apps here so I’m not sure try to find a big app that I know exists and I’m sure it allows ads here so let’s just say us breaking news I should say I want to target this breaking news app so all you do is just click on it us breaking news local news for free you would just enter the app that you want to target here certain apps will have a lot more you know options here depending on their entire inventory but we just had us breaking news here and we would just target that app now but we’re not going to do that it doesn’t really make sense for what we’re targeting but I just want to show you how to do that I have categories so you can go into Apple App Store and just say maybe I don’t target all business apps so this kind of makes more sense if you’re targeting apps unless you have something that real make sense for your business so get rid of app categories here so now what our targeting is is still gonna be all YouTube views any gender we’re gonna keep it wide open our YouTube video so this is how you’re gonna create your ad so all you need to do is take your YouTube video copy the URL at the top comeback paste it so we’re gonna do an in-stream ad so what that means is it shows up beforehand so you see the skip ad here so when someone goes to a new video our videos automatically gonna play display URL you just want to add perfect it fits perfectly and we could just use that as the final URL too okay so now companion banner you could either auto generate videos from your channel or you can upload an image so it’s 300 by 60 but I just gonna use auto-generated videos because I have a lot of videos that are related to this it might have something else that maybe instead of using PPC management they just go to one of my other videos end up subscribing to my channel that’s they’ll be worth it to me so my ad name is gonna be okay so my ad name how PPC management works you just want to add name that you’ll know and remember so an hour to click Save and continue okay so now we have an ad here remarketing with YouTube visitor’s perfect so now let me add another ad group here and for this one I’m gonna pretend like my goal changes a little bit so you can’t really change your campaign goal obviously we’re still trying to drive branding and consideration or we’re still trying to drive you know product consideration not branding but let’s just pretend I’m doing branding PPC management so maybe I just want to get the a ton of views on this video and just get the word out there that we do PPC management so my maximum cost per view bid you would definitely want to do your branding and awareness of it bid lower we’re not gonna go through all these things here I’m gonna get rid of the same age so I like to keep my demographics pretty consistent across all my videos so interests this might be where you use an affinity audience but what I would do is probably target specific placements for my video and you would want to build them out a lot I’m not gonna bore you here and keep building out placements but you just saw kind of how I did it so just go to youtube find videos that make sense popular videos search keywords and just take the top 10 videos and keep adding them to your channel they should keep coming up but what we’re gonna do is come into interest here and so these people that are in market for business services so let’s go to marketing and I’m going to use the two so SEO and SEM services and web services so people who are looking for those types of things I want to add and then also let’s do people looking for sales and marketing jobs maybe that they you know when they do get a job or maybe they tell someone about us they’re involved in marketing so we want them to know that we do PPC management and that’s it we’re going to target those three it’s gonna be the same as last time so we’re gonna take our video here how does PPC management work copy paste again a video discovery add our on youtube search results next to the related videos or on the home page so if someone’s in YouTube and let’s just say they search marketing it’s gonna be this add up here right now so that’s kind of what you’re looking at so what we want to do is come up here just do it I will do a video discovery odda to show the difference so this is our thumbnail here you can change your thumbnail for your video but we’re just gonna keep that because I like the way this thumbnail looks you can see how it looks on mobile and desktop so for headline you want a headline that drives people in so what I would do is something like number one PPC management agency and then discover how PPC management works and drive more revenue okay so now landing page you could do either the videos watch page on YouTube or your YouTube channel page I like to do the videos watch page on YouTube because when people click on this I don’t want them just to go to my channel and try to find this video I have like over 60 videos now so I want them to actually find this video so they can go through the process and then click on the contact form so our ad name is again we’ll just do how PPC management works and maybe you want to do video discovery and now what this is going to mean is people can search all sorts of things in here but as long as they’re in this in market audience for sales and marketing jobs web services SEO and SEM services even if they’re looking for I don’t know the new Taylor Swift song or something they might still see our ad because it’s still related to them these people are still interested in what they’re what we’re doing even if it’s not active right now you can see as a YouTube related ad so when someone’s watching a video it’ll show up along the right-hand side I personally like these types of ads just as much as the other I think they’re worth testing against each other you definitely want to keep keep testing as much as possible but what I would do personally and I didn’t do it here is break this out into a separate campaign so you’d want an in-stream campaign and a video discovery campaign run your same budget side-by-side and see what gives you more see what gives you more views for the lower costs see what gives you more contact form fills see what drives more subscribers more overall viewership you can see all those metrics once you start running your campaigns we’re gonna do video discovery ad keep you know we’re all set here and do save and continue so now we created our second ad group we have our branding here for PPC management and we have our remarketing to all of our youtube visitors you can adjust your cost per view here again you want to keep this as low as possible and now we’re basically all set you just wait for it to run if I come back to surf side PPC I can see some of my campaigns or my ad groups that I have running here if you go to the campaign screen I could see that my PPC marketing management campaign is running and now my how does PPC management work maybe you want to go you know it says video over here for campaign type but maybe I usually go video now this campaign is going to run across the Google Display Network the YouTube network it’s gonna be on the YouTube you know discovery ads and the TrueView pre-roll ads that play before videos so that’s basically it if you have any questions make sure you reach out and ask us we could always help you with YouTube video advertising or any video advertising you need we’ve ran a lot of campaigns so just leave questions in the comments or you could always fill out our contact form right here on surface ID PPC comm slash contact make sure you subscribe to our channel share our videos the best way to support us and we really appreciate all the support from all of our viewers and stay tuned for more marketing videos from Surfside PPC

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